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Dwell Physio is a mobile physiotherapy company for those who value their health time and believe you can thrive at any age.

Dwell Physio cares about developing strategic partners with shared living or work environments who want to help their residents or employees enjoy ongoing health and vitality.

If you manage or oversee a senior living  complex, condo, or work place and would like to make Dwell Physio a value added feature of your community please reach out to

Dwell Physio Partners


Why Partner?

  • By partnering with Dwell Physio you can offer your residents, or employees, the value added feature of using their own physiotherapy benefits without having to drive to a clinic.

  • Physiotherapy can help increase the well being and quality of life of your residents or employees. 

    • Less work place injuries

    • Better mobility, and greater independence in your senior care home.

    •  Healthier, happier, and more active residents in your condominium.


What we can provide.

  • Waive the $20.00 convenience fee on the initial assessment for your residents/employees.

  • A physiotherapist can provide a presentation to your residents/employees about what we offer, and how our partnership benefits them.

  • Brochures/ Info packets about  the services we offer.

  • If there is enough regular interest we can provide a physiotherapist exclusively stationed at your building for a set time each week at a reduced rate.

    • (5 or more regular patients: $100.00 for the initial assessment & $85.00 for follow up appointments.)


What we ask.

  • You would actively share about our partnership with your residents/employees.

  • We would have the opportunity to distribute an info packet once a calendar year to remind your community about our services.

  • We are given permission to add your organization to our community partners page and social media feeds.

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Dwell Physio
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